Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview with Spectral Haze

OTZ- How did Spectral Haze come into being?

SW: Millennia of explosions and contractions of stardust into single gravity-points formed within the cosmic consciousness, wherein human condition eventually mimicked the allfathers play. Thus music was created out of a need to express this love that is cosmic consciousness, -or, if you will- the blood that flows through the veins of God. 

OTZ- Is any new material being worked on?

SW: There are enough new material unveiled to us now to record an album of some length. Some stars must first align, and then celestial sonic friends will come to our aid to get it all on tape. We expect recording to happen within 6 months.

OTZ- Is Spectral Haze looking for a label?

SW: That depends entirely on the label and what they want to achieve with doing a deal with Spectral Haze. 

If there are labels that wants Spectral Haze to be something Spectral Haze cannot comply with, something that will compromise our brotherhood and friendship and loyalty to the subtle vibrations that make up that which is Spectral Haze, then no, we are not looking for a label. 

If on the other hand there is a label that wants to spread our light and nurture our brotherhood in an agreeable manner because they see what is already there and hear what potential there is then yes, we are open for suggestions.

OTZ- Spectral Haze's demo is being re-released by Duplicate Records soon. Any more information you can give about this?

It's a pressing with 250 units on vinyl. 50 of them are splattered and with a patch for those who wanna feel special. From what I've heard it's already sold out from the webstore, so the only chance to get a copy will be from the band. We'll get 50 copies to do with as we wish.

OTZ- How have your live shows been going? From what I've read it looks like Spectral Haze is doing pretty well.

SW: Spectral Haze is the kind of energy that responds to the energy which is given from the audience and/or which may lie dormant in "the walls" of some venues. When we play we are doing a set of rituals internally which affects the external surroundings in what ever manner cosmos decides. Depending on the motion of the flow this will give the right space to have a total astral freak-out rock'n roll explosion in a state of ecstatic intoxication where demons and bodhisattvas dance frantically in the aether, and our true forms transcend this earthly appearance. These are the moments where time is no more and a higher conscious is present in all participants within the given space. Some people have told us that at times we look mad on stage. This is true. It is the seemingly frightening aspect of fierce sonic bliss.

At other times it can all be an internal, intravoidal and personal trip where Spectral Haze is the messenger and the visual experience all happens inside the receivers own personal dome.

In any case, we always come to rock. There is no point in us standing up there not using every inch of power we have accumulated. It's what we were born to do.

The response to our shows has been great.

OTZ- If I had to describe Spectral Haze with two words I'd say "Hawkwind Doom". Is there anything you would like to say about writing and recording of your demo?

SW: Theres no need to say anything more about that in particular, as it's pretty obvious where we have gained influence from. We praise and love Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, Iron Butterfly, Hendrix, Flower Travellin' Band, Can, Pentagram, 13th Floor Elevators... and the list goes on with the usual suspects. We are inspired by many, many artists and musicians from all over the world, and that will always shine through in the vibrations we summon forth in one way or another.

But the sounds and riffs and musical arrangements that is conjured within Spectral Haze is completely random. There is not so much intellect involved as there is feeling. Feeling is all.

In other words; when we play, we play. We have fun, we trip, we expand and most of all we are doing something together as brothers that is way bigger and more important than our insignificant individual lives. It's a collective meditation where we can express our souls through the instruments. It's something we need and must nurture, something no one can put a price tag on or take from us. It is freedom. It is love. It is nature.

OTZ- What other bands from Norway or anywhere else should be be tuning into?

SW: Right now you should listen to Tusmørke. I won't say anything else, as their music speaks for itself. 

They are fantastic.

OTZ- Spectral Haze has the final comment here.

Thank you for the support. 
Peace and light be upon all hearts.

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