Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with Angelcrust

No clue why some parts are whited out. Couldn't fix it. just selected it to read.

OTZ: How did Angelcrust form?
DZ: Hails. Angelcrust formed in summer 2011 with the intention to spread darkness and evil across the streets of Philadelphia. We are grim and evil, the antithesis of West Philly Collared Shirt Weak Baby College Punk.

OTZ: Angelcrust has a new 7" coming out. Where can people get it?
DZ: The 7" is titled Sometimes Dead Is Better. It will be released via Grim Winds and Unspeakable Axe Records on or a little after Halloween. It'll be available from the websites of the aforementioned labels, as well as from us directly. The record will include a poster of the cover art, which was done by our good ghoul Diego from Mexico.
D: We’ll drop off some copies at Sit and Spin records in South Philly.

OTZ: Is there any new material going to be on the new 7"?
DZ: Yes, the 7" contains 12 songs, 8 of which were featured on our demo tape Pet Sematary, and 4 newer songs. You can expect our typical black evil punk. No nonsense, no PC, no compromise.
TA: Expect a harsh blackened powerdbeat assault, something your parents will DEFINITELY disapprove of. 

OTZ: How does it feel to be "blacklisted" from Metal-Archives?
DZ: Apparently we are "too punk" for MA.
 TA: I think they can fuck off. Angelcrust is the most dangerous band in Philadelphia, and we've been blacklisted not only from that site, but from several places including the state of NY.
 D: That website is a joke and gets no hails from us.

OTZ: What is your weirdest experience/best story from playing live?
DZ: You can always tell a show’s going well when people fall into the drums more than once in a set. My LEAST favorite memory is those girls at JR’s who smelled like fuckin’ seaweed.
TA: Tons of our friends always bring out the mosh and it always feels great to see a packed basement go nuts. However, my front tooth fell out mid-set once, and I had no clue. Never stop the madness, always finish the set. Good set.  
D: At JR’s Bar, the bartender tried to dive off the bar with heels on and landed on her neck. That was tight.

OTZ: What bands from Philly or anywhere else should people be listening to?
DZ: Philly bands to check out: Coffin Dust, Hessian (RIP), Rubbish, Spent Flesh
Non-Philly bands: Budd Dwyer, Living Decay
Our other bands: Cape of Bats, Castle Freak, Vegan Legions, Lonesummer, Slutlust, Traitor
TA: All of the above plus: Batworm, Attitude Era, Alement, Plague Dogs, and Casket from PHL.
Non-PHL: Jaw Clencher, Going Nowhere, GLUE, Gas Rag, Perdition, Amputee, Bible Thumper
D: Philly- Cape of Bats, Blood Stained Cross (RIP), Occult 45, Nightfall, Alement,
Other- Gattaca, Ramlord, SPINE, Krieg, The Ascent of Everest, Gasmask Terror

OTZ: Angelcrust has the final comment.
DZ: Hails towards Paul and Overgrown Tombzine! Hails to SPP, true heavy bangers, true hard rockers, and B.A.T.S. All others can FUCK OFF!!!
TA: Eat shit and die, the false can fuck right off, all posers must be shot. Always ask a punk but beware of hippies (HINT: PUNX IZ HIPPIEZ)
D: West Philly PC, collared shirt college punks and schemers beware. Oogles keep your heads low, might get your wig split. SPP ride or die. SPP ‘nose’ who you are.

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