Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview with Casket


OTZ- How did Casket get started?

Mike and Nool- were initially going to start a dirty death'n'roll band like Scepter, and after coming up with a couple of songs, invited Arnie to play.  We jammed a bit and decided we should probably get a bassist and move to a more straight-forward death metal sound, so Brendan was asked to join.  This all happened in about a month's time.  About 3 or 4 weeks after Brendan joined, we played our first show and recorded our Caskette tape.

OTZ- How have your live shows been going?

We don't play out very often, but when we do, the shows are always great.  The Philly scene is on fire right now - there are so many good bands from here and touring through here.  On top of that, there are a bunch of good DIY venues right now.  When you play a show at an awesome spot, filled with awesome bands, the crowd is going to be wild.

OTZ- Any plans to tour again?

We're talking about doing a 15-day tour in early January.  We'll probably make it as far as Texas or where ever we run out of gas.  Can we stay at your house?  Thanks, see you then.

OTZ- Casket has put out all their releases independently, is Casket interested in a label or are you satisfied with self-releases?

Actually, we have a new split 7" coming out with Sewercide from Australia, that's being put out as a joint effort between Unholy Anarchy Records and At War With False Noise.  It's pretty awesome not having to self-release this time around.

OTZ- There is a new track from Casket "Gratifying Doom" is this going to be on your upcoming split 7"?

Nah, that track is just sort of in limbo right now.  It was initially going to be used on a split with Extermination Angel from Baltimore, but they broke up shortly after we recorded it.  The song on the split is called, "Armed To The Teeth."

OTZ- Any idea when the split will be released?

It's at the plant right now, but you know how they can be.  Sometime they'll tell you a turn around time for a record will be 3 weeks and that will turn into twice as long.  It's kind of up in the air, but I'd say it'll probably be ready by November for sure.  Maybe even sooner, if everything runs smoothly.

OTZ- Where can people buy your records?

Our first 7" can be bought directly from us by visiting our Big Cartel page or through Grim Winds Records, Diabolic Force Distro, Hell's Headbangers and a couple other places.

OTZ- Are there any bands from Philadelphia or anywhere else people should look up?

Mangled and Living Decay from Atlanta, Tombstalker from Lexington, Manic Scum from TN, Organ Donor from Richmond, and as far as local bands go - Coffin Dust, Infiltrator, Sacrificial Blood, Pissgrave, Cauldron, the list goes on...

OTZ- Casket has the final comment, say anything.


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