Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview with Spectral Haze

OTZ- How did Spectral Haze come into being?

SW: Millennia of explosions and contractions of stardust into single gravity-points formed within the cosmic consciousness, wherein human condition eventually mimicked the allfathers play. Thus music was created out of a need to express this love that is cosmic consciousness, -or, if you will- the blood that flows through the veins of God. 

OTZ- Is any new material being worked on?

SW: There are enough new material unveiled to us now to record an album of some length. Some stars must first align, and then celestial sonic friends will come to our aid to get it all on tape. We expect recording to happen within 6 months.

OTZ- Is Spectral Haze looking for a label?

SW: That depends entirely on the label and what they want to achieve with doing a deal with Spectral Haze. 

If there are labels that wants Spectral Haze to be something Spectral Haze cannot comply with, something that will compromise our brotherhood and friendship and loyalty to the subtle vibrations that make up that which is Spectral Haze, then no, we are not looking for a label. 

If on the other hand there is a label that wants to spread our light and nurture our brotherhood in an agreeable manner because they see what is already there and hear what potential there is then yes, we are open for suggestions.

OTZ- Spectral Haze's demo is being re-released by Duplicate Records soon. Any more information you can give about this?

It's a pressing with 250 units on vinyl. 50 of them are splattered and with a patch for those who wanna feel special. From what I've heard it's already sold out from the webstore, so the only chance to get a copy will be from the band. We'll get 50 copies to do with as we wish.

OTZ- How have your live shows been going? From what I've read it looks like Spectral Haze is doing pretty well.

SW: Spectral Haze is the kind of energy that responds to the energy which is given from the audience and/or which may lie dormant in "the walls" of some venues. When we play we are doing a set of rituals internally which affects the external surroundings in what ever manner cosmos decides. Depending on the motion of the flow this will give the right space to have a total astral freak-out rock'n roll explosion in a state of ecstatic intoxication where demons and bodhisattvas dance frantically in the aether, and our true forms transcend this earthly appearance. These are the moments where time is no more and a higher conscious is present in all participants within the given space. Some people have told us that at times we look mad on stage. This is true. It is the seemingly frightening aspect of fierce sonic bliss.

At other times it can all be an internal, intravoidal and personal trip where Spectral Haze is the messenger and the visual experience all happens inside the receivers own personal dome.

In any case, we always come to rock. There is no point in us standing up there not using every inch of power we have accumulated. It's what we were born to do.

The response to our shows has been great.

OTZ- If I had to describe Spectral Haze with two words I'd say "Hawkwind Doom". Is there anything you would like to say about writing and recording of your demo?

SW: Theres no need to say anything more about that in particular, as it's pretty obvious where we have gained influence from. We praise and love Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, Iron Butterfly, Hendrix, Flower Travellin' Band, Can, Pentagram, 13th Floor Elevators... and the list goes on with the usual suspects. We are inspired by many, many artists and musicians from all over the world, and that will always shine through in the vibrations we summon forth in one way or another.

But the sounds and riffs and musical arrangements that is conjured within Spectral Haze is completely random. There is not so much intellect involved as there is feeling. Feeling is all.

In other words; when we play, we play. We have fun, we trip, we expand and most of all we are doing something together as brothers that is way bigger and more important than our insignificant individual lives. It's a collective meditation where we can express our souls through the instruments. It's something we need and must nurture, something no one can put a price tag on or take from us. It is freedom. It is love. It is nature.

OTZ- What other bands from Norway or anywhere else should be be tuning into?

SW: Right now you should listen to Tusmørke. I won't say anything else, as their music speaks for itself. 

They are fantastic.

OTZ- Spectral Haze has the final comment here.

Thank you for the support. 
Peace and light be upon all hearts.

Interview with Casket


OTZ- How did Casket get started?

Mike and Nool- were initially going to start a dirty death'n'roll band like Scepter, and after coming up with a couple of songs, invited Arnie to play.  We jammed a bit and decided we should probably get a bassist and move to a more straight-forward death metal sound, so Brendan was asked to join.  This all happened in about a month's time.  About 3 or 4 weeks after Brendan joined, we played our first show and recorded our Caskette tape.

OTZ- How have your live shows been going?

We don't play out very often, but when we do, the shows are always great.  The Philly scene is on fire right now - there are so many good bands from here and touring through here.  On top of that, there are a bunch of good DIY venues right now.  When you play a show at an awesome spot, filled with awesome bands, the crowd is going to be wild.

OTZ- Any plans to tour again?

We're talking about doing a 15-day tour in early January.  We'll probably make it as far as Texas or where ever we run out of gas.  Can we stay at your house?  Thanks, see you then.

OTZ- Casket has put out all their releases independently, is Casket interested in a label or are you satisfied with self-releases?

Actually, we have a new split 7" coming out with Sewercide from Australia, that's being put out as a joint effort between Unholy Anarchy Records and At War With False Noise.  It's pretty awesome not having to self-release this time around.

OTZ- There is a new track from Casket "Gratifying Doom" is this going to be on your upcoming split 7"?

Nah, that track is just sort of in limbo right now.  It was initially going to be used on a split with Extermination Angel from Baltimore, but they broke up shortly after we recorded it.  The song on the split is called, "Armed To The Teeth."

OTZ- Any idea when the split will be released?

It's at the plant right now, but you know how they can be.  Sometime they'll tell you a turn around time for a record will be 3 weeks and that will turn into twice as long.  It's kind of up in the air, but I'd say it'll probably be ready by November for sure.  Maybe even sooner, if everything runs smoothly.

OTZ- Where can people buy your records?

Our first 7" can be bought directly from us by visiting our Big Cartel page or through Grim Winds Records, Diabolic Force Distro, Hell's Headbangers and a couple other places.

OTZ- Are there any bands from Philadelphia or anywhere else people should look up?

Mangled and Living Decay from Atlanta, Tombstalker from Lexington, Manic Scum from TN, Organ Donor from Richmond, and as far as local bands go - Coffin Dust, Infiltrator, Sacrificial Blood, Pissgrave, Cauldron, the list goes on...

OTZ- Casket has the final comment, say anything.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with Dvala

What's the story behind Dvala's formation?

D: Back in the days we where a Death Metal-band. But as start to feel a bit tired of playing that genre, me (Leo Nobel, one of the singers) started thinking about trying some new kind of music. And on day it just came to me, an idea of how the we should sound, so I wrote some songs, introduce them to the other people in the band, and from that day we were Dvala!

OTZ- How have your live shows been going?

D: The last two live shows we have been doing like a stage performance with strange clothes and make-up, and that is a thing we want to continue with, but we have to modify our costumes a bit, last times we did it in a hurry. So the answer of the question is: Yes, our live shows has been good, but we can improve a lot..

OTZ- Any new material planned?

D: Yes, we got songs enough for an EP that we really believe in, so we are in this moment trying to get all the equipment we need (it´s very important for us to produce the songs ourselves, thou we think that the production is a big part of the piece of art) and after that we are going to record it and somehow get it released in physical form, by a label or by ourselves I don´t know, but we will spread this one more then the other two releases..

OTZ- Is Dvala looking for a label or are you ok self releasing your work for now?

D: A label for the EP would be nice, but only if they let us record the music ourselves..

OTZ- Where can people go to buy your demo and new single?

D: The demo and the single is only on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DvalaSwe and our BandCamp: http://dvaladoom.bandcamp.com/, but somehow make the new stuff able to buy..

OTZ- Explain a bit about Dvala, what is the concept behind Swedish pagan doom rock?

D: We want to capture the darkness and the sadness of swedish folk music and combine it with the rawness of Rock n´ Roll. We sing about everything that people fear, hides or don´t know much about..

OTZ- Is there a long term objective that Dvala is trying to reach?

D: We are artists and we want to share our art with as many as possible, as long as we´re not forced to change our artistic expression by the hand of the music industry. As long as that happens, I would gladly be a rockstar..

OTZ- What bands from Sweden or anywhere else should people be checking out?

D: Then I would like to promote Miramis (Sweden´s best Crust Punk band), Mucket (the new hope for the Sub Pop/Amfetamine Reptile - Alternative Rock-scene, Ohmu (the only Drown-Doom band I like), Serpent Omega (probably the grooviest Sludge Band in the world) and House of Raging Women (a band I heard for the first time, live some days ago. I don´t know much about them and I don´t know if they got anything recorded, but they where a really impressing sludge/rock something duo. The sound reminded me a lot about the early Nirvana-stuff).

OTZ- Dvala has the final comment here, say anything you want.

D: Thou shalt ride, shoot straight and always kill!!!

Interview with Angelcrust


No clue why some parts are whited out. Couldn't fix it. just selected it to read.

OTZ: How did Angelcrust form?
DZ: Hails. Angelcrust formed in summer 2011 with the intention to spread darkness and evil across the streets of Philadelphia. We are grim and evil, the antithesis of West Philly Collared Shirt Weak Baby College Punk.

OTZ: Angelcrust has a new 7" coming out. Where can people get it?
DZ: The 7" is titled Sometimes Dead Is Better. It will be released via Grim Winds and Unspeakable Axe Records on or a little after Halloween. It'll be available from the websites of the aforementioned labels, as well as from us directly. The record will include a poster of the cover art, which was done by our good ghoul Diego from Mexico.
D: We’ll drop off some copies at Sit and Spin records in South Philly.

OTZ: Is there any new material going to be on the new 7"?
DZ: Yes, the 7" contains 12 songs, 8 of which were featured on our demo tape Pet Sematary, and 4 newer songs. You can expect our typical black evil punk. No nonsense, no PC, no compromise.
TA: Expect a harsh blackened powerdbeat assault, something your parents will DEFINITELY disapprove of. 

OTZ: How does it feel to be "blacklisted" from Metal-Archives?
DZ: Apparently we are "too punk" for MA.
 TA: I think they can fuck off. Angelcrust is the most dangerous band in Philadelphia, and we've been blacklisted not only from that site, but from several places including the state of NY.
 D: That website is a joke and gets no hails from us.

OTZ: What is your weirdest experience/best story from playing live?
DZ: You can always tell a show’s going well when people fall into the drums more than once in a set. My LEAST favorite memory is those girls at JR’s who smelled like fuckin’ seaweed.
TA: Tons of our friends always bring out the mosh and it always feels great to see a packed basement go nuts. However, my front tooth fell out mid-set once, and I had no clue. Never stop the madness, always finish the set. Good set.  
D: At JR’s Bar, the bartender tried to dive off the bar with heels on and landed on her neck. That was tight.

OTZ: What bands from Philly or anywhere else should people be listening to?
DZ: Philly bands to check out: Coffin Dust, Hessian (RIP), Rubbish, Spent Flesh
Non-Philly bands: Budd Dwyer, Living Decay
Our other bands: Cape of Bats, Castle Freak, Vegan Legions, Lonesummer, Slutlust, Traitor
TA: All of the above plus: Batworm, Attitude Era, Alement, Plague Dogs, and Casket from PHL.
Non-PHL: Jaw Clencher, Going Nowhere, GLUE, Gas Rag, Perdition, Amputee, Bible Thumper
D: Philly- Cape of Bats, Blood Stained Cross (RIP), Occult 45, Nightfall, Alement,
Other- Gattaca, Ramlord, SPINE, Krieg, The Ascent of Everest, Gasmask Terror

OTZ: Angelcrust has the final comment.
DZ: Hails towards Paul and Overgrown Tombzine! Hails to SPP, true heavy bangers, true hard rockers, and B.A.T.S. All others can FUCK OFF!!!
TA: Eat shit and die, the false can fuck right off, all posers must be shot. Always ask a punk but beware of hippies (HINT: PUNX IZ HIPPIEZ)
D: West Philly PC, collared shirt college punks and schemers beware. Oogles keep your heads low, might get your wig split. SPP ride or die. SPP ‘nose’ who you are.