Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with Dvala

What's the story behind Dvala's formation?

D: Back in the days we where a Death Metal-band. But as start to feel a bit tired of playing that genre, me (Leo Nobel, one of the singers) started thinking about trying some new kind of music. And on day it just came to me, an idea of how the we should sound, so I wrote some songs, introduce them to the other people in the band, and from that day we were Dvala!

OTZ- How have your live shows been going?

D: The last two live shows we have been doing like a stage performance with strange clothes and make-up, and that is a thing we want to continue with, but we have to modify our costumes a bit, last times we did it in a hurry. So the answer of the question is: Yes, our live shows has been good, but we can improve a lot..

OTZ- Any new material planned?

D: Yes, we got songs enough for an EP that we really believe in, so we are in this moment trying to get all the equipment we need (it´s very important for us to produce the songs ourselves, thou we think that the production is a big part of the piece of art) and after that we are going to record it and somehow get it released in physical form, by a label or by ourselves I don´t know, but we will spread this one more then the other two releases..

OTZ- Is Dvala looking for a label or are you ok self releasing your work for now?

D: A label for the EP would be nice, but only if they let us record the music ourselves..

OTZ- Where can people go to buy your demo and new single?

D: The demo and the single is only on our Facebook: and our BandCamp:, but somehow make the new stuff able to buy..

OTZ- Explain a bit about Dvala, what is the concept behind Swedish pagan doom rock?

D: We want to capture the darkness and the sadness of swedish folk music and combine it with the rawness of Rock n´ Roll. We sing about everything that people fear, hides or don´t know much about..

OTZ- Is there a long term objective that Dvala is trying to reach?

D: We are artists and we want to share our art with as many as possible, as long as we´re not forced to change our artistic expression by the hand of the music industry. As long as that happens, I would gladly be a rockstar..

OTZ- What bands from Sweden or anywhere else should people be checking out?

D: Then I would like to promote Miramis (Sweden´s best Crust Punk band), Mucket (the new hope for the Sub Pop/Amfetamine Reptile - Alternative Rock-scene, Ohmu (the only Drown-Doom band I like), Serpent Omega (probably the grooviest Sludge Band in the world) and House of Raging Women (a band I heard for the first time, live some days ago. I don´t know much about them and I don´t know if they got anything recorded, but they where a really impressing sludge/rock something duo. The sound reminded me a lot about the early Nirvana-stuff).

OTZ- Dvala has the final comment here, say anything you want.

D: Thou shalt ride, shoot straight and always kill!!!

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